Foreign Teacher from Nebriha University of Madrid, Spain Carrying out Demonstration Classes for Students Majoring in Spanish in our College


On December 17, 2019, Mrs. Kaili SHAN, head of the China Department of Nebrija University of Madrid, Spain, and Alfonso, a foreign teacher from Nebrija University of Madrid, Spain, came to our Chongming campus to bring a wonderful demonstration class to the students of exchange program and have a face-to-face communication with them.

The demonstration class is divided into two modules. In the first module, Mrs. SHAN brought the visual feast of Spanish artists to the students and cultivated their artistic sentiment. In the latter module, Mr. Alfonso provided students with a humorous teaching method in a relaxed and happy atmosphere, and also let students who are about to study in Spain experience the differences between Chinese and western education in advance.

Nebrija University of Madrid, Spain enjoys an international reputation in the fields of education, research and teaching Spanish as a foreign language. The university has the best center for teaching Spanish as a foreign language and culture in the country.  

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