Local Lecturers and Teachers


Wei Wei, Lecturer.

University of Warwick, Graduate date: January 2008

Research Areas : Financial Economics, Industrial Economics

E-mail: 1201020@xdsisu.edu.cn

Addy Zhang, Lecturer

City University of Hong Kong

Graduate date: Aug, 2015

Research Areas: Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 

Regional Economics, Spatial Economics

E-mail: 1601010@xdsisu.edu.cn




Melody Lin, Lecturer

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, visiting scholar, 2016

University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, 2012

Research Areas: English Teaching Methodology,

Cross Cultural Communication

E-mail: 1202030@xdsisu.edu.cn



AnnaXu, PhD.

Shanghai Maritime University, Jun 2017.

Research Areas :

Logistics System Optimization, Green Logistics, Port Logistics,

 Logistics Finance, International Marketing.

E-mail: 1710490@xdsisu.edu.cn




Fannie Jiao,  Lecturer  

Bohai University

Graduate date: June , 2011

Research Areas: English Language Teaching

E-mail: 379654935@qq.com




Natasha Li, Lecturer  

Shanghai Normal University  

Graduate date: June 30, 2011

Research Areas: English Language and Literature, English Poetry  

E-mail: 1401020@xdsisu.edu.cn




Jasmine Liu, Lecturer.

University of Glasgow

Graduate date: December 2005

Research Areas: Managing People and Organizations

Business Culture and Strategy,Using Sources of Export Assistance

E-mail: 1301050@xdsisu.edu.cn

Rose Zhang, Lecturer

University of Shanghai Science and Technology. 

Graduate date: March 2012

Research Areas: Business English, Teaching Methodology

E-mail: 492944934@qq.com

Sophie Zhu, English teacher

Shanghai JiaoTong University, graduate date: March 2008

Research Areas : Intercultural communication

E-mail: 0801030@xdsisu.edu.cn

Jojo Han, English Teacher

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, graduate date, May 2019

Research Areas: English Teaching Methodology,Translation 

Email: 1405090@xdsisu.edu.cn

Helen Zhang, English Teacher

Shanghai Maritime University graduated in June 2019

Course: Integrated English  

Email: 1911090@xdsisu.edu.cn

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