German Foreign Teacher Come to Xianda-SISU for Short-term Teaching


From October 28th, 2019, Mr. Hartmut Oertel, a German foreign teacher, came to our College to give a nine-day short term lecture to the students of the Sino German exchange class of 17 level International Exchange School. Mr. Hartmut Oertel's course for students is business management. He is rigorous in his study, knowledgeable, flexible in his teaching methods, vivid and rich in his class explanations. Students are seriously involved in the class and have a heated discussion with him. The students of 17 level Sino German exchange class spoke highly of Mr. Hartmut Oertel's teaching methods. This lecture has achieved good teaching results, and students have gained a lot from feedback.

Mr. Hartmut Oertel, as a student of Bonn University in Germany, came to Nankai University of China in 1976 for cultural exchange and has a profound economic background and language skills. Mr. Hartmut Oertel once took up an important position in the representative offices of German banks in China, having a profound understanding of economy between China and Germany.

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