Exchange Students from the University of Hull Participated in the Reading Activity of Xianda kindergarten


On April 13th, 2019, Xianda Experimental Kindergarten held a summer camp reading activity. Four International students accompanied by Miss Liang of the International Exchange Office and outstanding student volunteer Liu who came from pre-school education college participated in the activity. They were divided into three groups to participate in the activity. In the first 15 minutes, they warmed up by singing and got to know each other and accompanied the teachers. Teachers encouraged the children to actively participate in the activity. The next 30 minutes, two foreign students taught kids letters from A to Z. During the learning process, it is found that the children have differences in personality, class participation and methods. In the last 15 minutes, under the guidance of Amy, the international students and children actively interacted at the playground. This reading activity ended in the happy atmosphere of games played by both sides.

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