About School of International Exchange


 The School of International Exchange is a secondary college of Xianda College of Economics and Humanities Shanghai International Studies University (Xianda College of SISU), established to implement the development strategy of internationalization of education. The School of International Exchange shares foreign high-quality education resources, and combines more than ten years of schooling experience with international teaching and management standard. Relying on the advantages of the school's disciplines, the school upholds international advanced teaching and management concepts; adopts high-quality teaching content and advanced teaching methods; establishes a strict teaching quality guarantee system and monitoring system, and integrates international education concepts and characteristics throughout the entire undergraduate education process in order to cultivate student’s application-oriented, composite, and international professionals with international perspectives and cross-cultural communication capabilities.

 The school insists on education innovation, and its majors are oriented to social needs. It offers the undergraduate majors the likes of English (business direction), German (business direction), French (business direction), Spanish (business direction) and Finance, Business Management, Hotel Management, Exhibition and Management (English-taught), etc..

The school has a team of teachers with academic background and rich teaching experience, of which 80% are returnee teachers who have obtained a master's degree from foreign universities. The college is equipped with foreign teachers, and employs excellent foreign teachers to provide oral foreign language courses. According to the training plan and teaching plan, foreign teachers from foreign universities are invited to come to our school to undertake core professional courses on a regular basis, and provide cultural lectures and academic reports for students so that students can learn about the latest achievements in academic fields and academic developments of their majors.

The college adopts teaching methods that are in line with international standards, and builds a strong international language and cultural atmosphere in all directions. Through small classes, it enriches diverse teaching activities, improves students 'foreign language skills, and cultivates students' innovative ability, interpersonal communication ability, and independent thinking ability.

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